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It is known that somatotropin (STH) is a protein hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans and other animals. Over time the body’s ability to produce this hormone decrease and people begin to experience changes associated with aging. Between the age of 20 and 60 the human growth hormone or HGH level will drop 80%.

Science had to provide an answer for decreasing levels of hgh. A few years ago, artificial growth hormone injections were the only way to increase hgh levels in your body.  This type of treatment remains expensive costing thousands of dollars and still considered dangerous today. But now there’s a more effective way because scientists at Leading Edge Health found a way to stimulate the body’s ability to produce more growth hormones naturally. GenF20 Plus is the best HGH supplement on the market and it is considered the most suitable natural alternative to HGH injections, containing ingredients capable of doing this 100% safe. The product deserves its reputation gathered over the last few years and doctors agree that this is the most potent natural formula available today.


The Truth About HGH Supplements

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According to a study published by Daniel Rudman M.D. in the New England Journal of Medicine “a steady influx of hgh can help peope turn back the clock at least 10 years. After six months of hgh treatment, patients were experiencing effects on their adipose tissue and lean muscle mass equal to changes that would take twenty years to occur.”

The findings were further researched and published in the European Journal of Endocrinology as well as Drug Discovery Today magazine. Studies followed conducted by the Stanford University Medical Center and other leaders in the scientific community.

A survey that included 200 people, both male and female treated with GenF20 showed that after 3 months an astounding 70% or more experienced a better outlook on life, reduced anxiety, loss of fat, improved ability to exercise for longer periods, stronger immune systems, disappearing wrinkles, improved memory and increased libido and sexual desire.

GenF20 Plus is the only HGH releaser that introduces enteric coating, which will guard the ingredients until they reached the small intestine, where they are fully absorbed for optimal results. The natural ingredients will then be distributed through your bloodstream to your pituitary gland, stimulating your body to produce HGH.




The Medical Proof Behind HGH Therapy

The influence HGH has on muscle, skin, hair, brain function and sexual health has been very well researched and documented in medical and scientific journals, books and articles.

Dr. Jeff Hill, DPT, MA, CSCS and Dr. Steven Lamm, M.D.  < Clinical Proof Here >

It’s efficiency in preventing the process of aging is outstanding. Your bone mass and your skin will greatly benefit from it. Results of aging like laugh lines, wrinkles, age spots become much less visible and the skin will become more smoother and softer. Your nails will become stronger and your hair complexity and color will be restored.

You will experience other impressive benefits. People have reported that using this product they were able to improve their sex life while others were able to drop excess weight. By improving your metabolism this product is known to reduce body fat and restore your energy levels.

Elderly people will be happy to know that this product will help them focus better, have a better mood, greater recollection, increased brain activity as well as a clearer sight. It is also known that the product is very effective in lowering the cholesterol levels in your body, which has an incredible impact on your health. One of the most important features of the product is that it strengthens your immune system, which is the key for a healthy life.


The Formula


The GenF20 Plus formula is made up of two supplements: tablets, and oral spray. The majority of ingredients contain amino-acids which promote the natural production of HGH. Other main ingredients contained in the formula are:


Acai Berry

Found in the Amazon, it is a source of necessary vitamins and minerals required by the human body. It contains powerful anti oxidants – anthocyanins. The concentration of anthocyanins found in the acai berry can be up to ten times greater than the ones contained in normal fruits like grapes. They can greatly contribute in slowing down the effects of aging and help the body to release toxins. Acai berry also improves the function of cardiac muscles making you less susceptible to serious health issues like heart disease.



This is an ingredient that is especially useful when used together with a HGH releaser because it can greatly benefit the natural process of cell regeneration in the body. Also known as an effective anti oxidant, it promotes healthier skin, regeneration of bone and muscle mass and can also play an important role in preventing cancer and other serious conditions.


Green Tea

Green tea is has already been proven effective by modern research in reducing the probability of cancer occurrence, reduction of cholesterol in the body and reducing the probability of heart disease. Other research conducted on green tea found that it strengthens the immune system, fight dental disease and can effectively reduce the effects of food poisoning helping eliminate body toxins. Green tea is also an incredible anti oxidant used to prevent serious conditions.

For a full list of ingredients click here.


The Benefits


  • Increases muscle tone and strength while decreasing body fat

  • Increasing your energy, endurance, and stamina

  • Restores your hair color and bone density

  • Elevates your mood

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Reduces wrinkles and tightens your skin

  • Improves your blood cholesterol levels and your vision

  • Improves your memory and mental clarity

  • Improves sexual potency for both men and women


Combining all these powerful ingredients discovered by modern science into a single product may well be considered as this century’s fountain of youth. GenF20 Plus is the latest innovation and the best HGH supplement available today that will cut away years in order to create a younger, stronger you.


Find out what Dr. Steven Lamm has to say about GenF20.

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